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Dr. Jo English provides gentle Activator® chiropractic care and clinical nutrition programs for individuals and families.
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Applied Clinical Nutrition

Applied Clinical Nutrition

Dr. Jo English

Stressed? Can’t sleep? Tummy troubles?

These are some of the common symptoms we treat at Oak Grove Chiropractic and Wellness, offering natural, non-medicated solutions for these and other conditions.

Our range of diagnostic approaches includes:

Our in-office Nutritional Balance Exam that evaluates:
Adrenal health
Digestive health
Mineral deficiencies
Dietary habits

We also utilize laboratory testing including:
Saliva testing for stress and gender hormone levels
Blood and urine analysis for nutritional deficiencies and imbalances

After your diagnosis, our Reflex Balance Analysis protocol provides a customized evaluation and dosing of needed therapies and supplements.

We also offer 10-Day and 21-Day Detoxification programs for deep body cleansing and healing.

To support your healing, we use nutritionally superior Standard Process® concentrated food supplements, highest quality MediHerb® botanicals, and other effective supplements and supplies.

In addition to nutrition, improving body alignment and function with Activator® chiropractic adjusting is also an important modality to improve health, vitality and to assist healing.

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